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Grayscale’s Partnership With FTSE Russell Sets The Stage For New Crypto Indexes: Grayscale Investments.

In a groundbreaking move, Grayscale Investments, the U.S. crypto asset manager, has forged an alliance with FTSE Russell, the index division of the London Stock Exchange parent, LSE Group. The primary objective of this collaboration is to establish a new crypto indexes business, which is poised to redefine the landscape of digital assets.

Grayscale Investments : Grayscale's Partnership with FTSE Russell Sets the Stage for New Crypto Indexes

Grayscale Investments: Exploring the Crypto Frontier

Grayscale Investments and FTSE Russell have unveiled a suite of five distinct crypto indexes designed to monitor and analyze various segments within the ever-expanding realm of cryptocurrencies. These indexes provide a comprehensive overview of different crypto sectors, encompassing currencies, smart contract platforms, financials, consumer and culture, and utilities and services. This strategic partnership is set to usher in a new era of understanding and assessing the crypto market.

Beyond Traditional Investments

It’s worth noting that some of these indexes will serve as the foundation for exchange-traded products, such as ETFs. This development is particularly significant as Grayscale seeks to transition its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into an ETF. CoinDesk Indices, a subsidiary of CoinDesk, plays a pivotal role in providing the benchmarks that underpin GBTC and the Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE). Importantly, the collaboration with FTSE Russell does not include CoinDesk Indices. (It’s worth mentioning that both Grayscale and CoinDesk are under the ownership of Digital Currency Group.)

A Vision of Diversification

Grayscale’s CEO, Michael Sonnenshein, expressed the importance of this partnership by stating, “Investors have increasingly expressed interest in diversifying beyond crypto’s largest assets. Many look to Grayscale to better understand this robust, evolving asset class.” He further emphasized that “Grayscale Crypto Sectors formalizes our specialized view of the crypto landscape.”

Grayscale Investments:  FTSE Russell's Global Influence

FTSE Russell’s Global Influence

London-based FTSE Russell is a formidable player in the finance world, currently overseeing benchmarks for approximately $20 trillion in assets. These new crypto indexes are meticulously crafted by Digital Asset Research, a New York-based provider of crypto data, further enhancing their credibility and relevance in the market.

The Road Ahead

This collaboration between Grayscale Investments and FTSE Russell marks a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency landscape. With a shared vision of bringing transparency and understanding to the world of digital assets, these new crypto indexes are set to be a valuable resource for both investors and the broader financial community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are crypto indexes, and how do they work?

Crypto indexes are curated collections of cryptocurrencies that track specific aspects of the digital asset market. They work by selecting and weighing cryptocurrencies based on predetermined criteria. These indexes provide investors with a way to gauge the performance of various crypto sectors, such as currencies, smart contract platforms, financials, consumer and culture, and utilities and services.

Q. How can I invest in crypto indexes and diversify my portfolio?

To invest in crypto indexes, you can consider exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or other financial products that are built around these indexes. Diversifying your crypto portfolio with these indexes helps spread risk across different sectors within the crypto market.

Q. What is the significance of Grayscale’s partnership with FTSE Russell for crypto investors?

Grayscale’s partnership with FTSE Russell is significant because it introduces a new range of crypto indexes that provide valuable insights into the crypto market’s diverse sectors. It enables investors to explore and understand beyond traditional crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Q. Are crypto indexes suitable for long-term investment strategies?

Crypto indexes can be suitable for long-term investment strategies, especially if you believe in the growth potential of the crypto market. By diversifying across different sectors, you can mitigate risks associated with individual cryptocurrencies.

Q. How often are the crypto indexes updated, and what’s the methodology behind these updates?

Crypto indexes are typically reassessed on a quarterly basis. The updates involve reviewing the components of the index, adjusting their weights, and incorporating any new data or trends that have emerged in the crypto market. The methodology behind these updates is designed to ensure the index accurately represents its intended sector.

Q. What is the role of Digital Asset Research in creating these crypto indexes?

Digital Asset Research plays a crucial role in creating these crypto indexes by providing valuable data and analysis. As a New York-based crypto data provider, they contribute to the credibility and accuracy of the indexes by offering in-depth research and insights.

Q. How can I stay updated on the performance of these crypto indexes and their associated ETFs?

To stay updated on the performance of crypto indexes and their associated ETFs, you can monitor financial news websites, follow relevant social media accounts, and subscribe to newsletters from crypto investment platforms. Additionally, reputable financial news websites often provide real-time data and insights on these indexes.


As we look ahead, the crypto market is continually evolving, and the introduction of these new indexes showcases a commitment to providing investors with a deeper understanding of the diverse crypto landscape. This partnership between Grayscale Investments and FTSE Russell exemplifies a strong step forward in the realm of digital asset management, and it promises to shape the future of crypto investments. Stay tuned for more updates as these crypto indexes continue to redefine the way we perceive and analyze the world of cryptocurrencies.


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