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INDIA: Mastermind Behind Multi-Crore Crypto Scam Apprehended by UP Police.

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An Astounding Victory in the Fight Against Cyber Fraud

In a resounding victory for the Cyber Crime Police in Azamgarh, the arrest of two fraudsters has brought a massive cyber fraud (Crypto Scam) operation to its knees. This elaborate scheme had duped victims out of crores of rupees through a deceptive cryptocurrency trading platform that masqueraded as a legitimate investment opportunity. Under the deceptive moniker “Bitbull Coins,” these criminals wreaked havoc on unsuspecting investors.

Massive Crypto Scam Takedown: How Two Con Artists Fooled Thousands!

The Complaint and the Pursuit of Justice

This riveting saga began when Durgadutt Maurya, hailing from Jahanganj, Azamgarh, bravely filed a complaint on November 3, 2023, at the Cyber Crime Police Station in Azamgarh. Maurya and several of his associates fell prey to a cyber fraud scheme, collectively losing approximately Rs 30 lakhs. The malefactors behind this sinister operation operated under the guise of “Bitbull Coins,” a fictitious website cunningly designed for their fraudulent activities.

Cracking Down on the Culprits

Promptly following Maurya’s complaint, law enforcement authorities swung into action. Cases were registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Information Technology Act. An extensive investigation was set in motion to bring these perpetrators to justice.

The Mastermind and the Hunt for Accomplices

The investigation soon bore fruit, leading to the arrest of the mastermind, Santosh Kumar, and his partner-in-crime, Suryabhan Gautam. The pursuit of justice continues as authorities tirelessly seek to apprehend the remaining individuals involved in this web of deception.

Crypto Scam: Unraveling the Fraudulent Operation

During the course of the interrogation, the arrested mastermind, Santosh Kumar, disclosed the intricate details of his fraudulent crypto investment scheme. He confessed to orchestrating real estate businesses, specifically, Purvanchal Desire City Pvt. Ltd. and Purvanchal Agro Pvt. Ltd., in Lucknow. These legitimate businesses served as the perfect bait for luring unsuspecting victims into parting with their hard-earned money. To add credibility to his scheme, Kumar created the fraudulent website, “Bitbull Coins,” where he persuaded people to deposit their funds into various bank accounts, all under the guise of cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto Scam: Unraveling the Fraudulent Operation

Kumar and his associates went to great lengths, even hosting workshops in upscale hotels. At these gatherings, they presented an enticing investment plan that promised a daily return of 2% for an entire year, effectively tripling the initial investment. As a further layer of deceit, they provided unsuspecting victims with user IDs for the fictitious “Bitbull Coins” website and displayed fraudulent Profit/Loss dashboards. Alongside Kumar, his manager, Suryabhan, and team leaders Dhanjay Kumar and Arun Kumar were actively complicit in this elaborate scheme, with technical support outsourced from engineers based in Delhi.

The Extent of the Deception

Upon scrutinizing documents seized from the arrested individuals, it became evident that the cyber fraud operation had defrauded approximately 200 people out of crores of rupees.

Prof. Triveni Singh, Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime Headquarters, Lucknow, commented on the investigation, stating, “In our inquiry, we unraveled a web of deceit and manipulation meticulously orchestrated by these scammers behind Bitbull Coins. They ingeniously combined technology with persuasive tactics to ensnare innocent victims in their trap. We are diligently working to identify the number of people who fell prey to the gang and those behind the operation of this scam.”

A Milestone in the Fight Against Online Fraud

The arrest of these cyber criminals stands as a significant milestone in the relentless battle against online fraud. It underscores the unwavering commitment of the Cyber Crime Police to safeguarding citizens from such scams. The investigation remains ongoing, with authorities resolute in their mission to bring all responsible parties to justice and provide restitution to the victims of this intricate cyber fraud operation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What was the fraudulent scheme’s name?

The fraudulent scheme operated under the name “Bitbull Coins.”

Q. Who initiated the complaint that led to this investigation?

Durgadutt Maurya from Jahanganj, Azamgarh, filed the initial complaint.

Q. How did the scammers lure victims into their scheme?

The scammers used real estate businesses and a fake website, “Bitbull Coins,” to persuade victims to invest their money, promising substantial returns.

Q. How many people were defrauded by this operation?

Approximately 200 people were swindled out of crores of rupees.

Q. What actions are authorities taking to bring the culprits to justice?

The investigation is ongoing, and law enforcement is determined to apprehend all responsible parties and provide restitution to the victims.

Q. What were the specific charges filed against the criminals?

Cases were registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Information Technology Act.


The arrest of the mastermind and his accomplice is a significant victory in the battle against cyber fraud. It’s a testament to the dedication of the Cyber Crime Police in their mission to protect citizens from fraudulent schemes. As the investigation continues, justice is sought for the victims who fell prey to this complex and deceptive cyber fraud operation.

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