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Uzbekistan Launches Game-Changing Crypto Payment Cards! Spend Your Crypto Like Never Before!

Crypto payment cards in Uzbekistan
Crypto payment cards in Uzbekistan

Crypto Payment Cards: Banks in Uzbekistan were granted permission to Introduce Crypto Mastercard Cards

Hey there, fellow readers! Exciting news from Uzbekistan – the government has just given the thumbs up to two local banks for something really cool. Get ready to hear about payment cards that let you use your digital coins for shopping and other transactions. It’s like using your regular credit or debit card, but with a crypto twist!

The Launch of Crypto Cards: A New Way to Spend Digital Coins

So, here’s the deal. The folks over at Uzbekistan’s National Agency of Perspective Projects (NAPP)—they’re like the rule-makers in the country – have given the green light to two banks in Uzbekistan. These banks, called Ravnaq Bank and Kapital Bank, are going to try something new. They’re going to create special cards, kind of like virtual cards, that can be loaded up with cryptocurrencies. This means you can use these cards to spend your digital coins just like you would with regular money.

Instant Conversion: Turning Crypto into Regular Money

But wait, it gets even cooler. You know how sometimes you want to use your crypto to buy something, but the shop only accepts regular money? Well, that’s not going to be a problem anymore. These new cards are connected to a special system. This system can turn your crypto into regular money super fast. You can use your crypto to buy anything you want!

Introducing the “Crypto Payment Card – Uznex”

The people in charge of this plan call it the “Crypto Payment CardUznex.” Basically, it’s a fancy card that lets you use your crypto for shopping. You can put money onto the card by selling your crypto on a special website. This website is like a shop for crypto, and it’s run by a partner of the banks. They’re going to make sure your crypto turns into regular money in a jiffy!

Uzbekistan’s Crypto Regulation Journey

Now, you might be wondering about the rules. The government of Uzbekistan wants to make sure things are safe and fair. So, they’ve made some rules about using crypto. Even though they don’t see crypto as real money, they’re letting people use these cards with a popular payment system called Mastercard. Cool, right?

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Countdown to Launch: Coming in December

The big day for these cards to start is at the end of December. That’s when people will be able to use them for shopping and other stuff. And guess what? From January 1st, 2023, people in Uzbekistan can trade crypto, but only on special websites that follow the rules. This makes sure everyone plays by the same fair rules.

Ensuring Crypto Security: Crypto Depository License

One more thing before I go – in June, a company got a special license to keep people’s crypto safe. It’s like a bank, but for crypto! This is all happening because Uzbekistan wants to keep up with the times and make sure people can use new technologies like crypto safely and easily.

Get Ready for Crypto Shopping!

So, there you have it! Uzbekistan is getting ready to launch these special cards that will let you use your crypto for shopping. It’s a big step forward in making crypto a part of everyday life. Get ready to use your digital coins at your favorite stores!

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1. How do these crypto cards work?

These crypto cards, offered by selected banks in Uzbekistan, function like regular payment cards. They can be loaded with digital coins from your crypto wallet. When you make a purchase, the system instantly converts your crypto into traditional currency, allowing you to shop with ease.

2. Can I use these cards outside of Uzbekistan?

While the initial launch is focused on Uzbekistan, the use of these cards could potentially expand to international transactions. However, the current details are centered around local usage.

3. What’s the significance of the “Crypto Card – Uznex”?

The “Crypto Card – Uznex” is a product introduced through a partnership between the banks and a crypto exchange. It simplifies the process of adding funds to the card by enabling users to sell their crypto assets on the exchange, which are then converted into fiat currency on the card.

4. How does Uzbekistan regulate crypto usage?

Uzbekistan has been gradually establishing regulations for the crypto sector to ensure responsible and secure usage. While the country doesn’t recognize cryptocurrency as legal tender, these cards provide a practical way for residents to use crypto within certain boundaries set by the government.

5. Is there a timeline for the launch of these cards?

The launch of these crypto cards is anticipated at the end of December. This means that residents will soon have the opportunity to start using their digital coins for everyday purchases.

6. How does the government ensure fair trading of crypto?

The government has set up rules that allow citizens and entities to trade crypto assets, but only on platforms that comply with locally-regulated guidelines. This approach aims to safeguard traders and create a secure trading environment.

7. What’s the purpose of the crypto depository license?

The issuance of a crypto depository license enhances the security of crypto assets for users. This is in line with the government’s commitment to fostering a safe and well-regulated environment for crypto-related activities.

8. How does this development impact the adoption of crypto globally?

Uzbekistan’s move to introduce crypto payment cards reflects a growing trend worldwide. It shows that governments are exploring ways to integrate digital currencies into traditional financial systems, potentially setting an example for other nations to follow suit.


The approval of crypto payment cards in Uzbekistan marks a significant stride in bridging the gap between the world of digital currencies and traditional financial systems. With these new cards, residents will have the power to seamlessly spend their digital coins, just like regular money. This development aligns with the country’s commitment to adapting to new technologies while ensuring safety and fairness in the financial landscape.

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