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How Safe And Legit Is Bevuti Crypto Exchange? Detailed Review For 2024

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Bevuti Crypto Exchange website

A Deep Dive into Bevuti Crypto Exchange: Features, Pros, Cons and Comparison

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has revolutionized finance and opened doors to innovative forms of digital transactions. With hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens now in circulation, the need for reliable and feature-rich exchange platforms has increased. One such platform that has been gaining significant traction is

In this detailed review, we will analyze’s offerings, benefits, downsides, and how it compares to leading exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. Read on to get a comprehensive overview of this platform.

An Introduction to Crypto Exchange

Founded in 2013, is a prominent crypto exchange catering to Asian markets. It started with venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital, a renowned VC firm that has backed companies like Apple, Google, Oracle etc.

Some key features offered by include:

  • Spot trading of over 200 cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto derivatives trading
  • Margin trading
  • Crypto loans
  • Staking services
  • Crypto savings products

With its broad range of digital asset services, robust security, and competitive fees, has emerged as a leading platform preferred by many crypto enthusiasts and institutional players.

Bevuti Crypto : Signing Up on A Quick and Easy Process

Signing Up on A Quick and Easy Process

Registering on is a smooth and fast process. The only mandatory details required are:

  • Email address
  • Password

After email validation through a confirmation link, your account is ready. Additional profile details can be added later for enhanced security.

The quick sign-up ensures new users can start exploring and trading on the platform without any delays.

Security at Safeguarding User Assets

For any crypto exchange, security is paramount. The safety of user funds and information is crucial for building trust. So how does fare on the security front?

Robust Security Measures utilizes industry-leading security features such as:

  • Cold storage: The majority of crypto assets are stored offline in cold wallets. This protects funds from online hacks.
  • 2FA authentication: Important account actions require 2-factor authentication through email, phone or authenticator apps.
  • Dedicated security team: 24/7 monitoring by an in-house security team detects threats early.
  • Insurance fund: has a dedicated insurance fund of 20,000 BTC to cover losses from hacking incidents.

Proven Track Record

With a spotless track record against hacks since 2013, has built a reputation for safety. While some minor incidents have occurred, the exchange has promptly reimbursed any lost customer funds, demonstrating its commitment to security.

This level of security and insurance makes one of the safest platforms for crypto trading.

Deposits and Withdrawals: Ample Support for Fiat and Crypto

For moving funds on and off the exchange, offers flexibility through multiple deposit and withdrawal channels.

Crypto Deposits and Withdrawals

A wide range of cryptocurrencies, including majors like BTC, ETH, and XRP along with many altcoins can be deposited and withdrawn seamlessly through blockchain transfers.

Fiat Support

For fiat transactions, the following options are available:

  • Bank transfers: Direct bank transfers are supported for several fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP etc.
  • Credit/Debit cards: Visa and Mastercard are supported for crypto purchases through the “Buy Crypto” widget.
  • Third-party payment processors: Options like PayPal, Neteller etc. available to fund accounts.

This combination of crypto and fiat support provides users with ample flexibility in managing account funds.

Trading on

Trading on An Optimal Experience

When it comes to the core trading experience, delivers fast trade execution, minimal downtime, and a smooth user interface.

Intuitive Platform Interface

The exchange offers a clean, uncluttered interface with intuitive navigation. Everything from charts to order books and transaction history is easily accessible. This simplicity helps both seasoned and newbie traders.

Advanced Trading Features

Experienced traders can take advantage of sophisticated options like:

  • Limit orders for buying/selling at predetermined prices
  • Stop loss and take profit orders
  • Margin trading with leverage up to 5x

Top Liquidity Among Exchanges

Thanks to its high trading volumes, offers deep liquidity across trading pairs. This allows the swift execution of large block trades with minimal slippage and tighter spreads.

The combination of an intuitive interface, advanced features, and deep liquidity creates a responsive trading experience suited for active crypto traders. Customer Support: Available 24/7

Reliable customer support is vital, especially in time-sensitive financial markets. recognized this need and provided the following assistance:

  • 24/7 live chat: Get quick answers to queries through real-time chat.
  • Email ticketing: Submit tickets for any complex issues. Responses are prompt.
  • Phone support: For urgent matters, speaking directly to support reps is available.
  • Knowledge base: Extensive FAQs and articles provide self-help options.

With round-the-clock multi-channel assistance and a large support team, ensures users have any issues resolved quickly.

Pros and Cons for

These are the Pros of

User-Friendly InterfaceIntuitive and easy to navigate platform design. Suitable for beginners and experts.
Wide Range of CryptocurrenciesOver 200 cryptocurrencies available for trading and investment. Great options for portfolio diversification.
Robust SecurityUses industry best practices like cold storage and 2FA authentication to safeguard user assets.
Competitive FeesReasonable fee structure compared to competitors. Includes discounts for high volume traders.
Advanced Trading FeaturesLimit orders, stop loss, margin trading and other tools available for seasoned traders.
Top LiquidityLarge trading volumes ensure fast order execution with minimal slippage.
Please also find the below Cons of
Lack of Educational ResourcesMinimal crypto trading tutorials or guides for newcomers.
Limited Fiat PairsThough extensive crypto selection, fiat pairs like USD, EUR could be expanded.
Mobile App IssuesSome users have faced glitches in the iOS/Android app related to data and performance.
How Does Compare With Other Exchanges

How Does Compare With Other Exchanges?

Let’s see how stacks up against some of the industry’s top exchanges. vs Binance

Binance undoubtedly offers some of the most exhaustive crypto services spanning trading, earning, payments, DeFi and more. However, outpaces Binance in certain aspects:

  • Superior customer support
  • Simpler interface for beginners
  • Lower hacking risk

So is better for users prioritizing an easy-to-use exchange with responsive customer support. Binance appeals more to advanced users wanting access to a wide array of crypto use cases. vs Coinbase

Coinbase is’s closest competitor fighting for the same market demographic. Some key differences:

  • has lower trading and withdrawal fees
  • It offers faster and more consistent customer assistance
  • Additional features like margin trading
  • More diverse altcoin selection
  • Better pricing stability during volatility

Due to the above reasons, inches ahead of Coinbase in terms of pricing, features, and support quality.

Is a Reliable and Safe Exchange?

With its operational history since 2013, robust security, and backing by trusted investors like Sequoia Capital, is undoubtedly a reliable and safe platform.

Its strong track record of protecting user funds, quality compliance standards, and responsive customer service give it credibility. puts users’ interests first.

While no exchange is hackproof, implements adequate safeguards and insurance coverage to minimize risks. This makes it among the most trustworthy exchanges.


Does require KYC verification?

Yes, mandates identity verification through KYC for enhanced security and compliance with regulations. Users have to submit ID proof and address documents before trading.

What is’s trading fee structure? uses a maker-taker fee model with fees ranging from 0.1% to 0.25% based on 30-day trading volume and whether you are a market maker or taker. There are additional discounts with their native BVT token.

Does have a mobile app?

Yes, offers iOS and Android mobile apps with full account access and trading capabilities on the go. The apps enable quick trades while checking charts, balances, order history etc.

What are the payment methods to buy crypto on

Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, P2P trading and third-party payment processors like PayPal are supported. This allows users to buy crypto using different payment methods based on their convenience and location.

Is there a waiting period for depositing or withdrawing money?

Crypto deposits and withdrawals are credited and processed instantly. For fiat transfers, deposits are credited within 1 to 3 working days while withdrawals can take 2 to 5 working days depending on payment processor delays.

Does provide staking services?

Yes, offers staking services that allow you to earn passive income on supported proof-of-stake coins by locking up holdings. Currently over 30 cryptocurrencies are available for staking on the platform.

What makes safer than other exchanges? utilizes top-grade security measures like cold storage, 2FA, DDoS protection, data encryption etc. It also has insurance to cover losses from potential hacks or theft. This makes it more secure than many exchanges.

Is beginner friendly?

With its simple interface, educational resources, responsive support etc., is ideal for beginners. New users can easily buy, sell, trade, and manage their portfolio.

Conclusion: A Quick Recap of’s Strengths

Drawing the key points together, here’s a quick recap of’s major advantages:

  • Intuitive and feature-rich trading experience – Easy to use yet packed with advanced trading tools.
  • Top-tier security – Uses industry standards like cold storage and 2FA for protecting user assets.
  • Smooth deposits and withdrawals – Multiple fiat and crypto options available for moving funds.
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support – Queries resolved through live chat, phone, email support.
  • Competitive fees – Reasonable trading and withdrawal fees compared to other major exchanges.
  • High liquidity – Consistently among the top exchanges by trading volume.

So in summary, checks all the right boxes in terms of usability, features, security, support and liquidity. The exchange provides a feature-packed yet reliable environment for crypto trading and investing suited for both newcomers and seasoned traders.


This blog is solely for educational purposes. It should not be construed as financial advice to use any specific platform or perform any transactions. Please conduct due diligence before using any exchange for crypto trading or investing. The purpose of this article is to provide the information, that CryptoWini doesn’t promote

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