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Demystifying Index Cooperative Crypto: A 2024 Guide to Understanding and Operation

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Index Cooperative Crypto

What is Index Cooperative Crypto?

Index Cooperative (INDEX) is a relatively new decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that was founded in 2020 to create various crypto index funds to give traders simplified exposure to different sectors of the crypto market.

An index fund is essentially a basket of assets that is structured to match or track the performance of a financial market index. Index funds have been popular in traditional finance for many years as a way for investors to gain broad market exposure without needing to select individual stocks and tokens.

Index Cooperative aims to bring the advantages of index funds to the world of decentralized finance. As a DeFi protocol, Index Coop operates without a centralized authority. All decisions and governance are handled by the INDEX token holders in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure.

Some of the key responsibilities handled by Index Coop include:

  • Developing new methodology for tokenized crypto index funds
  • Launching crypto index products like DEFI5, BTC 2x Flexible Leverage Index etc.
  • Managing existing crypto index funds in a decentralized manner
  • Rewarding liquidity providers through yield farming incentives

Since its founding, Index Coop has emerged as a leading provider of tokenized index funds in the DeFi ecosystem. It has created indexes covering market segments like decentralized finance (DEFI5), metaverse tokens (META), and data storage coins (DPI).

The native INDEX governance token allows holders to shape the future of Index Coop by voting on new index funds, changes to existing products, reward distribution, and other protocol parameters.

Now, we’ll take a deeper look at how Index Cooperative works under the hood and the process for creating new crypto index funds.

How Does the Index Cooperative Crypto Work

How Does the Index Cooperative Crypto Work?

Index Coop utilizes a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure to create and manage crypto index funds in a decentralized manner. Several key groups contribute to the protocol:

  • Core Contributors – Developers, researchers, and builders who propose new methodologies and help launch new crypto index products.
  • Working Groups – More casual contributors who provide ideas/feedback on specific topics like marketing, product development etc.
  • INDEX Token Holders – Community members who hold the INDEX governance token and vote on proposals.

Index Cooperative Crypto : The process of creating a new index fund

The process of creating a new index fund involves several steps:

  1. Proposal – A new index methodology is proposed by Core Contributors based on research and analysis. The proposal outlines the composition, weighting, rebalancing process etc.
  2. Community Review – The proposal is shared with the community for feedback. Based on responses, it can be refined and updated.
  3. Signal Voting – INDEX holders signal their support through an off-chain vote. Significant support is needed to move forward.
  4. Final Vote – If passed, formal on-chain voting takes place. INDEX holders cast votes to approve or reject the proposal.
  5. Implementation – Upon approval, developers implement the index fund with its approved methodology.
  6. Launch – The new crypto index fund is launched and tracked by the protocol. Users can purchase tokens.

For example, the DEFI5 index fund tracks the 5 highest market cap DeFi tokens using on-chain data oracles. The BTC 2x Flexible Leverage Index provides 2x exposure to Bitcoin using a simple leverage strategy.

This governance-driven process allows the community to launch new index products catering to different sectors and investment strategies. The end goal is to make crypto index funds accessible for everyone.

Now Let us discuss on INDEX crypto price, market cap and performance

Index Cooperative Crypto : INDEX Crypto Price, Market Cap and Performance

INDEX Crypto Price, Market Cap and Performance

The native INDEX governance token is currently priced at $1.82, with a market capitalization of $13.5 million (as of December 2022). The total supply is 10 million INDEX.

INDEX hit its all-time high price of $14.45 in May 2021 during a peak in the crypto market. It has traded off significantly from its highs in the broader crypto bear market.

Some key stats on INDEX price and performance:

  • Current Price: $1.82
  • All-Time High: $14.45
  • All-Time Low: $1.10
  • Market Cap: $13.5 million
  • Circulating Supply: 7.4 million INDEX
  • Total Supply: 10 million INDEX

The INDEX token has provided a return on investment of around -60% for early investors since its launch. However, it remains one of the top governance tokens in DeFi in terms of market capitalization.

As the Index Coop protocol continues to expand with new crypto index products, increased adoption could significantly boost INDEX price and market cap in the coming years.

Factors impacting potential growth for INDEX price include:

  • Expansion to new market sectors like metaverse, gaming, NFTs etc. This brings new users and capital.
  • Growth in total value locked (TVL) across Index products as more invest.
  • Long-term crypto bull market returning to boost DeFi tokens.
  • Additional exchange listings make INDEX accessible to more investors.

Hope you have understood well, Now let’s discuss about INDEX crypto price predictions and analysis

Index Cooperative Crypto : INDEX Crypto Price Predictions and Analysis

Given the nascent state of the Index Coop protocol, there are not many formal long-term price predictions available yet for the INDEX token. However, we can analyze several factors to forecast potential price ranges based on growth trajectories and market conditions.

Short-Term Prediction – End of 2023

The short-term outlook for INDEX looks positive, with the token likely to trade between $2 – $5 by the end of 2023 if market conditions improve. This would represent a 2-3x gain from current prices.

Driving factors:

  • New product launches expose Index to hot sectors like gaming, and NFTs.
  • Potential rebound in crypto markets in 2023, especially for altcoins.
  • Increased DeFi adoption and TVL causing demand for INDEX.

Long-Term Prediction – End of 2025

A longer 3-year time horizon allows for more aggressive growth. INDEX could reach $10 – $15 by the end of 2025 in an optimistic scenario. This would represent a 6-10x gain from today’s prices.

Bullish factors:

  • Index Coop establishes itself as the top DeFi index protocol with innovations.
  • Massive growth in DeFi and crypto markets boost governance tokens.
  • Staking and other platform use drive long-term demand and reduce selling pressure.

Bearish Scenario

In a market-prolonged crypto winter, INDEX could stagnate and trade sideways at $1 – $3 over the next 2-3 years.

Bearish factors:

  • The lack of a clear regulatory environment continues to hinder crypto adoption.
  • Competing index projects gain more traction.
  • Low trading volumes and demand puts downward pressure on prices.

Overall, Index Coop’s innovative platform and first mover advantage in DeFi index funds make the long term outlook for INDEX promising. But near term prices will likely depend largely on broader recovery in crypto markets.

Now let’s have an overview of Index Coop’s current products and tokenized index funds

Index Coop Products and Tokenized Index Funds

Index Cooperative Crypto: Index Coop Products and Tokenized Index Funds

Index Coop has created a variety of tokenized index funds covering different sectors and crypto assets:


  • Tracks top 5 DeFi tokens by market cap (UNI, AAVE, MKR, COMP, SNX)
  • Rebalances monthly based on caps for token weights
  • Largest Index product with $21M+ in assets under management

DPI (DeFi Pulse Index)

  • Basket of leading DeFi tokens, similar to DEFI5
  • Uses DeFi Pulse data for composition rankings
  • Has $18M+ in assets under management

BTC 2x Flexible Leverage Index

  • Provides 2x leveraged exposure to Bitcoin’s daily returns
  • Uses ETH collateral and COMP farming to achieve leverage
  • $670K+ assets under management

MVI (Metaverse Index)

  • Tracks top metaverse and NFT-related protocols
  • Composition includes SAND, MANA, ENJ, AXS, ILV
  • $250K+ assets under management

DATA Economy Index

  • Exposure to top data storage/oracle coins like LINK, BAND, GRT
  • Weighted based on market cap with rebalancing
  • Currently in minimal viable product (MVP) stage

Some upcoming index products that are planned or proposed include:

  • Play to Earn Gaming Index
  • Zero Knowledge Index
  • Automated Market Making (AMM) Index

The Index Coop protocol enables specialized, passive investment exposure for traders who want to invest in certain crypto sectors as a whole. More products can be added over time based on community proposals and votes.

Now let’s have a bird’s eye view on of the INDEX crypto asset itself – its utility, tokenomics, and role in the Index Coop ecosystem

The INDEX Crypto Asset – Utility and Tokenomics

The INDEX token is the native utility and governance token for the Index Coop protocol. It has a fixed maximum supply of 10 million tokens.

Some key utilities that drive demand for INDEX include:

  • Governance Voting – INDEX holders can submit and vote on proposals to shape Index products.
  • Staking Rewards – INDEX can be staked to earn yield from Index Coop products.
  • Discounts – Holders get reduced fees on Index Coop services.
  • Liquidity Rewards – INDEX is distributed as incentives for liquidity providers.

The tokenomics and distribution of the total INDEX supply are as follows:

  • 30% to Community Treasury
  • 25% to Founders and Core Contributors
  • 15% to Seed Sale Investors
  • 15% to Private Sale Investors
  • 7.5% to Advisors
  • 7.5% to Dao Treasury

This distribution provides adequate incentives for early contributors while maintaining community control through the DAO treasury holdings and governance rights.

Compared to other crypto index projects, Index Coop stands out for its broad product mix catering to different sectors. The protocol’s first mover advantage, community-driven approach, and innovative index methodologies make INDEX an appealing long-term governance token to hold.

Now let us deep dive into where and how to buy the INDEX crypto token

Where and How to Buy INDEX Crypto

Index Cooperative Crypto: Where and How to Buy INDEX Crypto

Given that INDEX is still a relatively new asset, it has somewhat limited availability on exchanges and trading platforms so far. Here are some of the top options for purchasing INDEX tokens:

Uniswap (DEX)

The most popular way to buy INDEX is through the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Uniswap utilizes an automated liquidity protocol to enable INDEX/ETH trading pairs.

Steps to buy on Uniswap:

  1. Install a wallet like MetaMask that is compatible with Uniswap and load it with ETH.
  2. Visit Uniswap and connect your wallet.
  3. Select the INDEX/ETH pair and enter the amount of INDEX you want to buy.
  4. Click “Swap” to complete the trade.
  5. Withdraw the INDEX to your wallet.


Similar to Uniswap, INDEX can be purchased through the Sushiswap DEX using the INDEX/ETH trading pair.


On Balancer, INDEX is available in liquidity pools like INDEX-ETH, INDEX-STAKE, and more. Traders can swap tokens directly in these pools.

Bitfinex Exchange

The Bitfinex centralized exchange offers an INDEX/USD direct trading pair with high liquidity. This avoids the need to go through ETH.

Once you purchase INDEX, it’s recommended to withdraw it to a secure Ethereum-compatible wallet like MetaMask or Ledger where you control the private keys. This keeps your investment safe.

INDEX is still in the early stages of exchange listings so options are currently limited. But as adoption increases, more platforms are likely to add support for INDEX trading and liquidity.

Now i am going to discuss about the future outlook for Index Coop and the INDEX crypto asset

The Future Outlook for Index Coop and INDEX

Index Cooperative Crypto: The Future Outlook for Index Coop and INDEX

Index Coop has ambitious plans to expand the protocol into new asset classes and market segments in the years ahead.

Some key items on the development roadmap include:

  • Polkadot Integration – Launching indexes on Polkadot to extend reach into that ecosystem.
  • Leveraged Indexes – Introducing leveraged index products for advanced trading strategies.
  • Options Trading – Supporting options contracts on Index Coop products.
  • Index Funds as Collateral – Allowing index fund tokens to be used as collateral in DeFi lending/borrowing.
  • Fully Decentralized Governance – Transitioning to on-chain governance without any centralized entities.

If Index Coop can successfully execute on these roadmap items, it would solidify its position as the leading crypto index protocol across multiple blockchains.

Wider trends that could provide tailwinds for growth include:

  • Rapid innovation in DeFi expanding possible index fund products.
  • Growing interest in passive indexing strategies among crypto investors.
  • Institutional adoption bringing more assets under management.

Combining its first mover advantage, community-oriented approach, and ambitious roadmap, Index Coop is well-positioned to see significant growth in adoption over the next 5+ years.

This presents an exciting long-term growth trajectory for the INDEX token as more value flows through the protocol. While short term price predictions carry uncertainty, INDEX looks poised to massively outperform Bitcoin and the broader crypto market in the long run if execution goes to plan.

Now I am going to provide FAQs to clear your doubts on this topics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Index Cooperative Crypto

Q. What is an index fund in crypto?

A crypto index fund is a basket of cryptocurrencies bundled together to represent and track the performance of a specific sector or market segment. Index funds provide broad market exposure.

Q. How do crypto index funds work?

They contain a portfolio of assets, weighted by market cap or other rules. As the prices of the underlying assets change, the index fund’s value changes accordingly. Crypto index funds track the performance without having to select individual coins.

Q. What are some examples of crypto index funds?

Some popular examples are DeFi Pulse Index (DPI), DeFi5 by Index Coop, and Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund which tracks the top 10 cryptos. Index Coop also has metaverse, NFT, and data economy focused funds.

Q. What is Index Cooperative?

Index Coop is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol founded in 2020 to create various theme-based crypto index funds in a decentralized manner through INDEX token governance.

Q. How is the Index governance token (INDEX) used?

INDEX has several utilities including voting on proposals, earning staking rewards, getting discounts on Index products, and receiving liquidity mining rewards.

Q. Where can I buy INDEX crypto?

Some options are decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Balancer. The Bitfinex centralized exchange also offers an Index/USD trading pair.

Q. What is the long term outlook for the INDEX token?

If Index Coop succeeds in its ambitious roadmap of new products and features, INDEX could massively outperform Bitcoin and the overall crypto market in the coming years as adoption increases.

Conclusion For Index Cooperative Crypto

Index Cooperative is ushering in a new era of tokenized crypto index funds through its decentralized, community-driven approach. By offering simplified exposure to various crypto sectors, Index Coop is making it easier for traders of all backgrounds to gain broad market access.

The INDEX governance token serves as the backbone of the protocol, allowing holders to shape the future direction through voting on new product proposals. INDEX also offers other utility like staking rewards and fee discounts to drive long-term demand.

Some of the existing index fund offerings like DEFI5 and Metaverse Index are already attracting significant assets under management. And the roadmap aims to expand into leverage trading, derivatives, NFTs, and more.

As crypto adoption accelerates, Index Coop is positioned at the forefront of innovation around indexing and passive investing. This could make INDEX one of the top performing crypto assets in the coming years if execution continues as planned.

While unforeseen market conditions can impact any forecast, the long-term investment thesis for Index Coop and INDEX looks compelling. For anyone looking for exposure to the future of decentralized finance, INDEX warrants strong consideration.

This guide covered all the key topics around Index Cooperative, including:

  • What is Index Cooperative and how it works
  • Analysis of the INDEX token price, performance, and predictions
  • Overview of existing and upcoming Index Coop crypto index products
  • Tokenomics and future roadmap for the protocol
  • How and where to purchase INDEX tokens

Index Coop is building a crucial bridge between traditional finance and decentralized protocols – the potential impact is only beginning to be realized.


This article is for informational purposes only and represents the author’s opinions alone. It is not intended to be financial advice. Conduct your own research before making any investment decision. CryptoWini will not be held responsible for any trading losses incurred from following this guide. Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk.

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