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Coinbase Global Brings Regulated Crypto Derivatives: A New Dawn for U.S. Crypto Traders.

US crypto enthusiasts now have a regulated haven for crypto derivatives trading, thanks to Coinbase Global.

Coinbase Global: Crypto Derivatives’ Rising Popularity

Amidst the vast realm of the global financial market, crypto derivatives have emerged as a prominent product. While spot trading remains a favored choice for crypto traders, derivatives are gaining ground. Notably, crypto options trading volume on the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) soared to around $1 billion in July, as reported by CCData.


Coinbase Global’s Game-Changing Move

In the United States, the spotlight is increasingly turning toward crypto derivatives, and crypto-savvy Americans now have a brand-new platform to engage in effective crypto derivatives trading. This innovative gateway is none other than the well-known crypto exchange, Coinbase Global.

As a historic milestone in the US crypto landscape, Coinbase Global has achieved the distinction of being the first crypto company to gain approval for offering crypto futures to retail customers within the United States. This landmark achievement was realized on August 16.

Reflecting on Past Challenges

The year 2022 witnessed an unprecedented crypto winter marked by events such as the Terra-LUNA death spiral and the collapse of significant crypto entities like FTX and Celsius. These occurrences prompted both retail and institutional investors to withdraw from the market, leading to a decline in both spot and derivatives markets. The aftershocks are still reverberating, with CCData reporting a 12 percent drop in combined crypto spot and derivatives trading volume on U.S.-based centralized crypto exchanges in July, amounting to $2.36 trillion.

A Hopeful Future with Coinbase Global

However, there’s renewed optimism for US investors as Coinbase Global steps in to reshape the landscape of US crypto derivatives. By obtaining the distinction of being the first regulated crypto firm to introduce crypto futures in the country, Coinbase Global is set to bring about a wave of change.

This development coincides with the anticipation surrounding the SEC’s approval of the BlackRock spot ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) proposal. Notably, Coinbase was named as a partner in a surveillance-sharing agreement required by the SEC. The emergence of a Bitcoin spot ETF holds transformative potential, facilitating BTC trading on regulated traditional exchanges and offering a smoother crypto introduction for traditional investors.

As BlackRock and other contenders await the SEC’s decision on its Bitcoin spot ETF proposals, the U.S. stands on the threshold for a well-regulated crypto market. This shift toward regulation holds the potential to enhance crypto’s journey toward global legitimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Coinbase Global’s Crypto Derivatives Approval

1. What does Coinbase Global’s approval mean for US crypto traders?

Coinbase Global’s approval to offer regulated crypto futures provides US traders with a secure and compliant platform to engage in crypto derivatives trading.

2. Why is the introduction of crypto derivatives important?

Crypto derivatives offer traders a way to manage risk and speculate on the future price movements of cryptocurrencies, adding depth and versatility to the market.

3. How does Coinbase Global’s approval impact the perception of cryptocurrencies?

By gaining regulatory approval, Coinbase Global enhances the legitimacy and trustworthiness of cryptocurrencies in the eyes of investors and regulators.

4. What role does Coinbase Global play in the broader crypto ecosystem?

Coinbase Global’s introduction of regulated crypto derivatives contributes to a more comprehensive and mature crypto market, facilitating a smoother transition for traditional investors.

5. How does this milestone tie into the quest for a Bitcoin spot ETF?

Coinbase’s involvement in the surveillance-sharing agreement for the BlackRock spot ETF proposal aligns with efforts to integrate cryptocurrencies into regulated financial systems, opening new doors for mainstream adoption.

6. How might these developments impact the global perception of cryptocurrencies?

As the US takes steps toward well-regulated crypto trading, it sends a positive signal to the international community, encouraging other countries to explore similar regulatory frameworks.

7. What potential challenges could arise from regulated crypto derivatives?

While regulation provides security, striking a balance between innovation and compliance remains a challenge, ensuring that regulations don’t stifle creativity and growth within the crypto space.


In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies and digital investments, recent strides in the US crypto market mark a turning point. The approval of Coinbase Global to offer regulated crypto futures brings a new dimension to the trading experience for enthusiasts. This milestone signifies a step towards a more transparent and secure crypto market, further bridging the gap between traditional financial systems and the digital frontier. As the U.S. anticipates regulatory approvals for innovations like the BlackRock spot ETF, the journey toward a well-regulated crypto ecosystem is gaining momentum.

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