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Binance Drops a Shocking BOMBSHELL: Say Goodbye to BUSD Forever

Binance's BUSD Breakup: A Cryptocurrency Revolution Begins!

Binance’s Bold Move: Farewell to BUSD

In a surprising turn of events, Binance, the world’s premier cryptocurrency exchange, has declared its intention to phase out support for the BUSD stablecoin. The move follows Paxos’ decision to halt the creation of new BUSD tokens. With a firm deadline set for February 2024, Binance is now urging its users to convert their BUSD holdings into alternative stablecoins or digital assets accessible on the platform. The decision to terminate support for BUSD has been on the horizon ever since Paxos ceased minting the coin in February. Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, hinted at BUSD’s gradual decline, though the precise timeline remained uncertain. The abrupt discontinuation of BUSD loans with just a week’s notice suggests that these timelines have accelerated.

BUSD Transition Timeline

Here is the BUSD Transition Timeline that you should keep an eye on:

  • September 7, 2023, at 00:00 UTC: Withdrawals of Binance-Peg BUSD through various networks will come to a halt.
  • September 7, 2023, at 06:00 UTC: BUSD borrowings on the cross margin will cease.
  • October 19, 2023, at 06:00 UTC: No new BUSD collateral will be accepted.

However, BUSD (ERC-20) transactions via Ethereum will continue until further notice. Additionally, BUSD-margined perpetual contracts will gradually be delisted, with specifics to be disclosed later. Users will have the option to transfer their BUSD futures balances to other supported assets using the Futures Asset Conversion feature.

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Embracing FDUSD

Binance encourages users to trade or transition their BUSD holdings to First Digital USD (FDUSD), a stablecoin introduced by Hong Kong’s First Digital Group in June. The stablecoin made its debut on the Binance platform in late July, offering an alternative path for users seeking stability in their digital assets. Two months prior to this announcement, Binance introduced eight BUSD trading pairs on its margin trading platform, including FARM/BUSD, LSK/BUSD, MBL/BUSD, PLA/BUSD, PUNDI/BUSD, and SC/BUSD. The strategic decision comes at a time when Binance faces increased regulatory scrutiny and recent concerns regarding its native token, BNB.

What is BUSD Stablecoin?

BUSD (Binance USD) is a type of stablecoin, a cryptocurrency engineered to maintain a consistent value by pegging it to a real-world asset, typically a fiat currency such as the US Dollar (USD). Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, issues BUSD. It is a regulated and audited digital asset that operates on the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain platforms.BUSD aims to offer traders and investors a stable and secure medium of exchange within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What is BUSD Stablecoin

Its value is designed to remain relatively steady in comparison to the US Dollar, mitigating the price volatility commonly associated with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.ConclusionsBinance’s decision to phase out BUSD reflects the evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency market. Regulatory changes, issuer decisions, and market dynamics have prompted this shift. While this marks the end of an era for BUSD, it opens up new opportunities for users to explore alternative stablecoins like FDUSD and navigate the evolving crypto environment.


Binance’s recent decision to withdraw support for the BUSD stablecoin is a significant turning point in the cryptocurrency realm. The move underscores the ever-evolving nature of the crypto market, shaped by regulatory shifts, issuer choices, and market trends.

With a clearly defined timeline for the BUSD transition, Binance is actively encouraging its user base to explore fresh opportunities in the cryptocurrency sphere. The foremost among these alternatives is the First Digital USD (FDUSD) stablecoin, which offers stability and innovation as an attractive choice.

It’s evident that in this dynamic crypto ecosystem, adaptability and staying well-informed are paramount. The conclusion of the BUSD era on Binance signifies not an ending but a new beginning, a chapter in the ongoing story of digital assets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why is Binance discontinuing support for BUSD?

Binance is phasing out BUSD support following Paxos’ decision to halt the creation of new BUSD tokens. This decision aligns with evolving market dynamics.

Q.  What are the key dates for the BUSD transition?

Key dates include September 7, 2023 (ceasing BUSD borrowings), October 19, 2023 (no new BUSD collateral), and September 7, 2023 (halt in Binance-Peg BUSD withdrawals).

Q. Can I still use BUSD on the Ethereum network?

Yes, BUSD (ERC-20) transactions via Ethereum will continue until further notice

Q. How can I convert my BUSD holdings to other assets?

Users can trade or switch their BUSD holdings to First Digital USD (FDUSD) or other supported assets on the Binance platform.

Q. What is the impact on BUSD trading pairs?

Binance will gradually delist BUSD-margined perpetual contracts, with more details to come.

Q. Is BUSD backed by real assets?

Yes, BUSD is intended to be backed 1:1 by the US Dollar, offering stability in the crypto ecosystem.

Q. How should I approach this transition as a BUSD user?

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