Bitcoin ETFs approved in US, allowing mainstream access to crypto investments.

 ETFs track Bitcoin price without having to handle BTC directly. Provider deals with custody.

 Key benefits are easy exposure, lower risk, transparent pricing, liquidity, compliance.

Top Bitcoin ETFs are Grayscale GBTC, Valkyrie BRRR, Bitwise BITB, WisdomTree BTCW.

Indian investors can buy via LRS using international brokers like Vested Finance.

 Bitcoin ETFs trade like stocks on exchanges during market hours. Buy/sell through broker.

Under the hood: Fund managers source BTC reserves, custodians provide security, price based on spot index.

 Bitcoin ETFs offer simpler access versus directly owning BTC which needs wallets, private keys, storage.

Prudent investing key as crypto remains volatile. Maintain reasonable allocation and investment horizon.

Bitcoin ETF launch clears path for more crypto ETF products tracking assets like Ethereum.