Bitcoin Still Rules

Bitcoin remains the crypto king for good reason with its security, liquidity and brand.

Ethereum Powers Web3 

Ethereum's dominance in DeFi and NFTs makes it a core Web3 holding.

Solana Speed Demon 

With 50,000 TPS, Solana offers unmatched speed and scalability for dApps.

Polkadot Interoperable 

Polkadot's interoperability between blockchains makes it a key infrastructure play.

Cardano's  Academic Approach 

With robust research and peer review, Cardano takes a meticulous approach to development.

Avalanche Blazing Fast 

Avalanche brings lightning speed and low fees to the smart contract space.

 Polygon Scaling Ethereum

Polygon leverages sidechains to help Ethereum scale while staying secured.

Cosmos Connecting Chains 

Cosmos facilitates communication between separate blockchains, improving interoperability.

Algorand Pure Proof-of-Stake 

Algorand's pure proof-of-stake and strong tech make it a contender for payments 

Stellar Payments Focus 

 Stellar's focus on fast, inexpensive cross-border payments gives it a key use case.