Bitcoin has surged 160% in 2023, reviving talks of hitting $100K. But is 6-figure BTC possible by 2024 halving?

Halvings constrict supply growth, historically driving 100%+ gains. 2024's could propel BTC to $100K milestone.

Exchange reserves down 30% from 2020 peak, lowest since 2018. Supply crunch incoming?

Spot BTC ETF approval could unlock billions in fresh institutional demand. New catalyst for growth?

Expanding use cases like DeFi, payments boost BTC utility. More than just digital gold?

But risks remain around regulation, competition from alts like Ethereum. Smooth sailing unlikely.

 Technicals show potentials but challenges breaking key resistance levels.

Hitting $100K depends on confluence of halving, ETFs, supply squeeze, macro backdrop.

Despite risks, BTC has history of surprising to upside. $100K in 18 months plausible.

Long-term indicators flash bullish, but prudent risk management still essential in volatile crypto markets.