Argentina stuns crypto world by approving Bitcoin for legal contracts in December 2023 milestone move.

President Javier Milei's pro-Bitcoin views likely influenced decision according to experts. He wants less reliance on government monetary policy.

Foreign Minister Diana Mondino confirms on Twitter that Bitcoin can now legally be used for contracts in Argentina.

Announcement comes after passage of "Bases for Reconstruction of Economy" decree allowing non-legal tender currencies.

Argentina has suffered rampant inflation and currency devaluation making Bitcoin attractive. Peso declined 50% in value recently. 

Bitcoin prices in pesos hit record highs in 2023. Currency woes and new policy boost Bitcoin over 20% in December. 

Analysts speculate Argentina may follow El Salvador to make Bitcoin full legal tender. El Salvador grants fast citizenship to crypto investors. 

Move progress towards Bitcoin's global mainstream adoption. Could bring more investment and crypto innovation to Argentina. 

Critics argue regulatory details still unclear. But Argentina signaling growing normalization and legitimacy of crypto. 

Landmark decision proves real-world Bitcoin utility on the rise. Global decentralized money without government control closer to reality.