Should you use  #crypto for online shopping?  Explore the pros & cons before you buy! 

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset secured by cryptography and designed for online transactions. 

What is Cryptocurrency?

Miners verify transactions while nodes store data. Decentralized and secure, crypto operates on blockchain. 

How Cryptocurrencies Work?

Crypto gaining momentum: 300 million users, $1 trillion market cap, and major companies accepting digital payments. 

Global Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Pros of crypto:  Hedge against inflation, a self-governed system, low transaction fees, enhanced privacy and security. 

Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency

Cons of crypto: extreme volatility, limited real-world usage, tax headaches, environmental impact concerns. 

Disadvantages of Using Cryptocurrency 

Blockchain explained: decentralized technology recording and validating transactions, offering transparency and security. 

Blockchain Technology

Utility, transactional, governance, platform, and security: different types of crypto for varied purposes. 

Types of Cryptocurrencies 

Risks of crypto: volatility, array of risk exposures, legal status, and tax implications. 

Safety of Cryptocurrency Investments

Crypto for online shopping? Weigh risks and benefits, do your research, and decide what's best for you.