Zebec Protocol unveils ZBCN token, marking a new era of blockchain-powered payments and real-world value flows 

ZBCN consolidates Zebec's protocols, integrating diverse payment products into a unified decentralized infrastructure. 

1:10 token split aims to enhance liquidity, accessibility, and network utility for seamless blockchain transactions. 

Smooth migration from ZBC to ZBCN preserves token holder value, with no new supply introduced into the market. 

ZBCN retains ZBC's tokenomics, governance, utility, and vesting schedules, ensuring consistency for token holders. 

Leading exchanges like OKX support ZBCN migration, facilitating a seamless transition for users across the ecosystem. 

ZBCN enables real-world asset flows, data, and physical infrastructure integration, empowering businesses and consumers. 

Paving the way for future innovation and partnerships, ZBCN positions Zebec as a frontrunner in the Web3 economy. 

Aligning with evolving market demands, ZBCN adapts Zebec's technology for an inclusive financial ecosystem. 

Experience frictionless, real-time payments with ZBCN, reimagining how you transact, invest, and engage with value flows.