Binance pays $4.3B in settlement with DOJ, admits violating US law. CZ resigns but the exchange stays open.

Crypto markets recover after dip; Binance meets withdrawals. Settlement seen enabling US spot Bitcoin ETF approval.

JPMorgan: Binance's resilience differentiates it, and settlement reduces crypto systemic risk. Less uncertainty is seen as positive.

Settlement signifies crypto oversight tightening post-FTX. Shift underway to regulated entities, welcomed for maturity.

Decentralization ethos let down by centralized figures like CZ. But anonymity and decentralization remain vital to crypto.

Biden administration warmth to crypto unclear amid recent DOJ actions. But Binance continuity signals legitimacy.

The settlement highlights the risks of centralized power. A wake-up call to refocus on crypto's anonymous early ideals.

 Crypto's use cases remain unclear despite promises like finance access. The main attraction still seems to be money printing hedge.

 As inflation eases, speculative crypto struggling to show fresh demand. Falling exchange valuations also ominous sign.

 Crypto's decentralized ideals persist despite stumbles. Innovations maintain promise with prudent regulation balancing oversight and autonomy.